This article lists all the various use cases involving the purchase, registration, transfer and redirection of domains for websites created on the Mono platform. Read through the scenarios below to find the one that matches your domain needs. Click the links to view step-by-step guides.


I don't have a domain and want to...

... buy a domain through Mono.


I already have a domain and want to…

... transfer it to Mono so I can manage the domain through RAI.
... keep it at my current domain provider and point it to a Mono website (redirect).
... keep it at my current domain provider but host it with Mono.
... register one more domain for the same website.
... attach it to a specific page on my website.
... move it from one account to another.


I already have a domain hosted with Mono and want to...

... transfer it away to another domain hosting provider.
... detach it from the website where it is currently used.
... terminate the domain.


I want to learn more about...

... how to redeem a domain that has expired.
... how to create a subdomain for a landing page.
... what happens after I have registered a ccTLD domain with Mono (.fr, .de, etc.).
... the ICANN validation process for gTLD domains (.com, .net, etc.).
... changing the DNS settings of domains. 

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If you need additional help resolving domain or SSL questions, you can always reach out to the Mono Service Team who will do their best to assist you.

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