A branded domain will improve the website’s placement in search results and help strengthen the SMB’s online presence. Mono offers a great variety of TLDs, ccTLDs and gTLDs that can easily be served with HTTPS. If your domains are pointed to our nameservers, we can re-route requests to another server in case of DDOS attacks to avoid downtime.

A company email that includes the SMB’s domain builds trust and enables SMBs to ensure professional communication with customers and vendors. The SMB can access the mail from a webmail or a mail client on a desktop or mobile device. Mono offers up to 15GB of mail storage with a 25MB message size allowance. As an alternative to an email subscription, Mono offers email forwarding which enables SMBs to have an email alias that forwards to an existing email address. This allows the SMB to manage all email addresses through one central account.

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