Detach or terminate a domain

In RAI, you can detach a domain from the website where it's currently used, for example if you wish to use the domain on another website on the same account. You can also terminate the domain by changing its on-expire behavior.

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Detach a domain

To detach the domain from the website where it's currently in use, click the Manage button and select Detach from site from the dropdown. Click Apply to execute the change.




You can then attach the domain to a different website on the same account. While a domain is detached and a visitor tries to access it, their browser will show a 404 Not Found page.  

  Move the domain to another account

If you wish to use your domain on a different account in RAI, click the Move button next to the relevant domain, type in the Account ID you want it moved to, followed by clicking Move


Terminate a domain

In case you or your customer no longer wants a specific domain, you can set the domain subscription to terminate once it reaches the expiry date. In the "On expire" column, click on Renew to change the status to Terminate. The domain will then terminate on the date specified in the "Expiry Date" column.


If you or the customer change their mind later on (before the domain has reached the termination date), you can always change the on-expire behavior back by clicking on Terminate

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