Redeeming expired domains

If the registration period of a domain is expired, it can still be redeemed (re-activated) by the owner. The time of redemption depends on the specific rules for the TLD. When a domain expires, it automatically enters into a "serverHOLD" status. This status may be confirmed by entering the domain in a WHOIS lookup.

Expiration overview


How to redeem a domain

If the customer wants to redeem their domain, please create a ticket with the Mono Service Team and remember to write the domain name that you want redeemed. The redemption cost depends on the TLD provider and the Mono Service Team won't be able to proceed with the redemption process before you've accepted the cost. The cost will be included in your next invoice from Mono. 

  Expected time of redemption

Redeeming a domain will take 1-5 business days after the cost has been approved.

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