Once you have gathered business information from your customer and created their website, you can start feeding it into Global Data. If you have marked up your templates with Global Data nodes, the Editor will automatically fetch Global Data inputs and channel them into the corresponding nodes on the website.

You can add Global Data to a website in the three following ways:


Add Global Data on the Account page

On the Account page, click the Edit Global Data button.


At the top of the Edit Global Data menu you will see three buttons.



Import from site: This feature allows you to import Global Data from an external site. Add the URL of the site you wish to import content from; a preview of that website will now cover the main area and by hovering over the elements, you can select which ones you wish to copy over to specific Global Data fields. 


Import: The Import button will copy over the available content from the Edit menu on the Account page, placing it in the relevant Global Data fields, e.g. company name, email, phone number, etc. 


Apart from the import features, you also have the option of manually typing in information in the Global Data fields. 


  Don't forget to publish your website

Note that when Global Data has been updated, you need to publish the website to make the changes appear on the live website.


Add Global Data through batch upload

If you are using RAI's batch upload feature, the information you have entered in the CSV file will automatically be converted into Global Data items. Learn more about the process here.


Add Global Data in the Editor 

Add Global Data via the Editor in Content > Global Data. This is the only place from where your customer can add and edit Global Data on their website. 



List of Global Data fields

Below you can find a complete list of the Global Data fields available through RAI.


Contact information

Company name
Organisation number


Company description

Short description 
Long description 
Company start date 
Company mission 
Opening hours 


Social media

Google +


Business keywords

Tagline 1 
Tagline 2 
Tagline 3 
Tagline 4 
Service 1
Service 2 
Service 3
Service 4
Product 1
Product 2
Product 3 
Product 4


Custom fields

Custom field 1 
Custom field 2 
Custom field 3
Custom tags



Conversion Goal
Company Heading

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