By navigating to Overview > Sites you'll find a list of all the existing websites on your reseller account.



  1. Show Filters: Using filters helps you organize your websites by only showing relevant results instead of displaying the complete list of all your existing websites. Don't forget to press Apply to filter the list according to your preferences or Reset Filter to get back to the complete list.
  2. All Sites: Displays all the existing websites on your reseller account.
  3. Start Sites: Displays your sites that were created through batch upload. Please note this functionality is currently not supported in RAI. 
  4. RFF Sites: In case you have the RFF (Ready-For-Fulfillment) step enabled on your workflow, you will be able to see the RFF Sites button. When pressing this button, the list will only display RFF sites, i.e. sites that were upgraded from Start Sites to Ready-For-Fulfillment.
  5. Paid/Trial Sites: Displays all sites with a subscription associated - both paid subscriptions and trial subscriptions.
  6. Account & Sites details: In the list of your websites you will find account and site details, such as IDs, company name, heading and assignees.
  7. Logged in: The Logged In column gives an overview of whether the customer has been logging in to the website and the date of the most recent login.
  8. Contacted: A simple overview of whether a specific customer has been contacted by your team. Use this feature to keep track of customer interaction.
  9. Categories: Displays the site category that you or one of your colleagues have defined. This provides an indication of where the site is in your workflow. You can define category names in the Admin Menu.
  10. URL: Open the latest published version of the site in a new tab. This will only work if the site has been published. 
  11. Editor: Open the Editor and edit the website.
  12. Export to CSV: Create an exported overview of all your websites as a CSV file. Read more about exporting data from RAI here.
  13. Assign: Assigning sites to different members of your team gives you the opportunity to easily manage sites and keep track of who is responsible for the next step in the fulfilment process. To change a site's assignee, select the site by pressing the checkbox to the left of the Site ID, select a user from the drop down, and click Assign. The selected site will now figure on that user's RAI dashboard. 
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