Evaluate your website's SEO performance

In order for search engines to be able to identify and categorize your website, it's important that your various content elements - images, pages, paragraphs, etc. - have all had relevant meta information added to them.

The Editor provides an SEO checker tool to help you quickly evaluate how your website is performing in terms of SEO. Find it in the Editor's main navigation under Content > SEO.


In the top-right corner, the SEO checker provides a percentage score of how SEO-optimized your website currently is. The score is based on how much SEO-relevant information you've included on your website. The calculation factors in whether you've included the following items of information throughout your website:

  • Page title
  • Page keywords
  • Page description
  • H1 (on every page)
  • Alt text (alternative text)

The SEO checker tells you where you're missing SEO-related information, such as the type of information missing, on which page, and if you're missing alt text on specific images. 

  Quantity vs. quality

The SEO score only quantifies whether you have included the relevant SEO information throughout your website or not. It doesn't analyze the quality of the information. 

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