Phasing out support for V5: How to move your sites to the new interface

From June 1, 2021, Mono no longer provides support for the V5 Editor. If you report bugs or have requests for new features, we will only process them if they pertain to the new interface (often referred to as "II" or "Improved Interface").

Why is Mono phasing out support for V5? 

Mono launched the new interface a few years ago and all our development efforts are going into improving it. All current and future improvements are only made available on the new interface and not on V5. Therefore, you get the most out of the Mono platform now and in the future on the new interface and thus we’re sunsetting the support of V5.  

  Important note

All existing V5 sites will continue to work as they do today. Any websites you have started on V5 will remain as they are unless you decide to upgrade them to the new interface (read more below). Published websites - regardless of editor version - are also completely unaffected. 


Upgrading websites from V5 to the new interface

It’s up to you whether you want to keep your existing V5 websites as they are or upgrade them to the new interface. 

Individual websites can be upgraded directly in RAI. Read how here.

If you wish to bulk update all your existing V5 websites to the new interface, please create a ticket with the Mono Service Desk and we'll help you out free of charge.

If you've never used the new interface before, here are a few resources to help you get started:

  1. Making the switch: 8 tips for quickly adapting to the New interface
  2. Resources for training your team on using the New interface and Scheduling 
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