Phasing out V3: What you need to know and how to migrate your sites

If you currently have customers using the V3 editor, Mono will soon begin the process of phasing out the V3 editor and move towards converting your sites to our current Mono Editor (often referred to as "II" or the improved interface). This is to deliver maximum value to both you, our partner, and your SMB customers.

Why is this happening? 

Mono wants to provide you and your customers with the most up-to-date Mono Editor available for quick fulfilment, easy updates, and a better user experience. As our most recent version (II) of the Mono Editor is the most robust version - meaning that the system performs well under ordinary conditions and responds well and recovers quickly to errors – we want to direct all our development efforts towards maintaining and improving version II going forward. 
These improvements include a more intuitive and smoother user experience, modern templates and designs optimized for page speed and SEO, increased GDPR-compliance, increased editing functionality, and the addition of other Mono Products; such as Mono Ecommerce+, Mono Customers, Mono On-site Engagements, Mono Blog and Mono Cookie Consent. 

These conversion-boosting and trust-building Mono products, and all current and future improvements, are only made available on version II of the Mono Editor and not on V3. Therefore, after nearly a decade with V3 sites, you – and your customers - will get the most out of the Mono platform now and in the future on version II. 


What is going to happen? 

We plan to phase out the V3 version of the editor in 2024. If you have V3 sites, we will reach out to you via email with a list of current V3 sites and prices. Please review the list and start evaluating which sites you would like to have migrated. Site subscriptions for the V3 sites that are going to be migrated will be converted into site subscriptions of the II editor according to the prices defined by the current contract when doing the migration.

Once you have determined which customers wish to migrate from V3 to II, you can then decide if you want to build the websites from scratch, or if you would like us to migrate your sites. The new sites will have the same look and feel as the original site. This migration will be free of charge for sites with site subscriptions. Please let us know how you wish to proceed.

For us to plan accordingly, it is therefore important that you get back to us - even if you just let us know that you need more time.


Migration process

  1. Review: 
    Review the list of sites we have identified relevant for this migration, as these sites have active V3 site subscriptions. You can find the list attached. 
  2. Decide and confirm: 
    1. For each site: Write in whether the site should be migrated or suspended (you might want to contact site owners for that)
    2. If the site is to be migrated, confirm the subscription applied.  
    3. Send us the list once finalized. 
  3. Migration:  
    We will notify you with a date for when the migration will begin. The process will take approximately 2 weeks. 
    1. Note: Once that process has started, do not make any changes to any of the sites until the migration is completed.    
    2. If you have any time preference, let us know – otherwise, we will proceed soon after we have received the finalized list. 
    3. You also have the option to send out emails to your customers to inform them at different stages of the migration. Let us know if you would like us to send those your customers. Those are: 
      • Informing your customer about the upcoming migration.
      • Informing about the start of the migration and that no changes should be done to the site.
      • Informing about completed migration.
  4. Completed Migration:  
    Once the migration has been completed, we will review each site to ensure that it has as close to the same look and feel to the original site as possible. Once all sites have been reviewed and ready, Mono will take care of:  
    • The DNS operations (adding and pointing domains)  
    • Convert v3 subscriptions to II subscriptions  
    • Publish the sites

At no point of the migration process will sites be down - we will ensure seamless transition. 


How will the change of subscription work?

The current site subscription of each affected site will remain active until its renewal date (even if the site has already been migrated). Once the renewal date is reached, we will automatically update the current subscription to the new site subscription.


Will there be any limitations of the migration?

We will migrate all content over and strive to make the migrated site look as close as possible to the original site (90% accuracy). The II Editor is more powerful and enables a much higher degree of flexibility and options. However, since both Editor versions differ fundamentally, it will not be possible to create a pixel-perfect result.

The following overview lists limitations of the migration:

  • E-commerce/web shop: Unfortunately, we will not be able to migrate e-commerce modules - sites will be migrated without the shop, which will then need to be recreated. As we are currently phasing out our native Mono Ecommerce, we will only be offering Ecommerce+ going forward, which is based on Ecwid and offers a much more powerful e-commerce solution. You can read more about it here.
  • Fonts: not all fonts available on V3 will be available on II. We will make sure to find an alternative that's as close as possible. Moreover, there are significantly more fonts available on II that you can switch to or try out, if you like.
  • Modules: V3 has a comments module which does not exist on II. We will convert this module to text modules so that previously created comments will still show, and remove the button to add new comments. You might want to look into Facebook comments module as a potential alternative. Other than this specific one, the II Editor contains much more modules than V3.
  • Sub-navigation items & multi-language URL structure: If your V3 sites have second level navigations or if you have sites with multiple languages, we will change the URL structure of those pages to match the logic of the II Editor. We will make sure to apply redirections accordingly.
  • Password protected pages and hidden pages (meaning pages that have been published but are not part of the navigation) will be migrated as well. However, any unpublished changes on the sites will not be migrated - please make sure to publish your sites if you wish to migrate this information as well.
    Customers that have access to password protected pages will be re-created in Mono's Customers product.
  • New passwords will need to be created: for security reasons, we cannot migrate passwords, so they will have to be recreated (site owners, customers accessing password protected pages).


What if I don’t want to migrate my sites?

We are phasing out the V3 editor and we are no longer supporting it. If you do not want to migrate your site, it will be terminated. We will reach out with further communicated once a date has been decided.  

More information

We want to make this transition as seamless as possible for both you and your customers, so we have compiled a few videos, articles, and information sheets that can be found here:

  1. Video: Getting started in Mono Editor: Watch this video for a brief introduction to the Mono Editor and the new user experience
  1. Video: Getting started in Mono Editor: Watch this video for an in-depth look at the features and functionalities of the Mono Editor. 
  2. Article: Making the switch from V3 to IIRead this Mono Help Center article for an overview of the improvements from V3 to II.
  3. Resources for switching from V3 to version II of Mono EditorRead this Mono Help Center article and find more information about the Mono Editor, including a Mono Editor information sheet and a task list to help train users into the Mono Editor. 
  4. PDF: Overview of the V3 and II editors: Take a look at this comparison of the V3 and II editors to see the additional functionalities your customers will have – as well as what the additional Mono Products offer – when making the upgrade to II. 


Do you have any additional questions that need answering? Or are there any additional resources or tools that would help for this transition? We are here to help. For any inquiries, please contact:


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