Resources for training your team on using the New Editor Interface and Scheduling

We've compiled a number of different resources and made them available to you in order to assist you in the process of training your team members on the New Editor Interface and Scheduling. Feel free to use them as they are or adapt them to suit your specific training needs.


Introduction videos

Watch our 5-minute videos on getting started with the Editor and Scheduling. 


Switching from V5 to the New Editor Interface

If your team has previously been working in the V5 Editor, they'll quickly be able to adapt to the New Interface which contains all the same features and functionalities, albeit structured in a different way to help you speed up the website fulfillment process.

We've written an article with some general tips for transitioning to the New Editor Interface, pinpointing the main differences to help your team quickly settle into the new environment. Find it here.


Handout introducing the New Editor Interface

Download and print our brief introduction to the New Editor Interface along with a list of useful keyboard shortcuts.

Download it here.


Tasks and scenarios for training

A great way of getting familiar with both the New Editor Interface and Scheduling is to get some hands-on practice. We have designed a few practice tasks based on typical SMB customers who need a website and a way to accept online bookings. You can use these scenarios as they are or as inspiration for designing your own training materials.


The New Editor Interface tasks:


Scheduling tasks:

  • Based on the same scenarios as above: Download (PDF)


Scheduling: demo websites for showing the appointment booking flow

To help both your team and prospective customers visualize how Scheduling adds value for various types of SMBs, we have created a handful of demo websites where you can showcase the appointment booking flow from an end-user's perspective.

The websites display Scheduling in use for various business verticals (industries) and with different conversion goals (book an appointment, book a service, book a call, book a resource). Please note that using these websites you are only able to show the "front end" part of Scheduling - the appointment booking flow - and not the "back end" set up in the Editor.


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