Technical information when getting started

As a Mono partner, you have a significant degree of flexibility and customization when it comes to working on our platforms. Below we have complied a list of the most important elements you can customize.


API reseller token

At Mono we operate with an API-first approach to make it as easy for you as possible to use our platforms in a way that suits you. You’ll need a API reseller token if you want to use our API which you’ll find in your onboarding email sent by our Operations team.

Please remember that your API token is confidential. 

We are more than happy to help you get started using our API. Please contact our Operations team if you would like an introduction.


End user login page for the Editor

You have the opportunity to allow your customers to edit their website by logging in. This access requires a username and password that you define for the customer in RAI when you create their account. It’s possible to create or change username and password on existing accounts under Account > Site > Edit.

Please find the URL for your end user login page in your onboarding email sent by our Operations team.

Read more about how to to locate and design your end user login page here.


Branded footer

The branded footer is a way of “marking” the websites that you’ve created. It’s placed below the regular footer at the bottom of a site.


Read more about setting up a branded footer here.


Branding of the Editor

Mono offers a fully white-labeled solution that enables you to place your own branding and content various places within the Editor interface.

The list below provides a full overview of all the instances within Editor where you can apply your own branding or custom content.

  • Add your logo within the Editor interface and add a logo background color. Read more here.
  • Customize the content that shows up on the Editor dashboard on all the websites on your account. Read more here.
  • Select whether you want the Help link from within the Editor interface to point to Mono's white-labeled knowledge base or a custom URL of your choice. Read more here.


Customizing the 404/unpublished/suspended static pages

Mono uses standard templates when a page can’t be found (error 404), when a website has been suspended, or when it has been unpublished. You have the opportunity to customize these pages by providing us with an alteration of the static HTML file. The layout of the three pages can be styled differently according to your needs but please note that it is not possible to have any Global Data showing on them. In other words, the styling and content on the pages are completely static.

Mono will not make any changes to the HTML pages we receive from you so please remember to consider features such as device responsiveness when creating them. The pages will not be connected with any other information or features on the Editor such as the branded footer, tracking, custom scripts, etc. The HTML pages will be used exactly as in the files you provide.

If you want to use images on your error pages, please make sure that they are base64 encoded if you’re not hosting them yourself.

Please contact our Operations team to request the 404, unpublished and suspended page templates.

  Custom pages apply to all your websites

Be aware that if you submit custom page templates such as a 404, they will be implemented across all the websites on your account. It is not possible to have individual, customized pages for specific websites only.


Domains and emails

You can acquire and transfer-in domains and attach them to websites using the Reseller Admin Interface. Complete guides to setting up domains, SSLs and emails can be found here.


Webmail interface

If you have provisioned email addresses through the Reseller Admin Interface, your customers can access their inbox through the Webmail interface. You can access the interface from the link provided to you in the onboarding email sent by our Operations team.


Set up SPF/DKIM for website notification email

Website notification emails are auto-generated emails sent out once certain actions are taking place on the website. For example, the website owner receives notification emails in these scenarios:

  • A contact form has been filled out on the website
  • A visitor has requested access to a password-protected page

Website notification emails are sent out through a mass email service called SendGrid. In order to prevent those emails being detected as spam, the domain of the sender must have SPF and DKIM added to the domain DNS records.

The default website notification email sender address is If you wish to use another domain as the default sender address, you’ll have to set up SPF and DKIM for that domain.


Setting up DNS for the customized website notification email sener domain


1. Adding SPF

Change to the desired domain used.

  • Option #1: if there isn’t an existing SPF/TXT record on the domain, use: -> TXT -> v=spf1, ~all
  • Option #2: if there is an existing SPF/TXT record on the domain, add:


Please note that it's recommended to have no more than four SPF’s included as it will slow down lookup.

2. Adding DKIM

Change to the desired domain. -> TXT -> k=rsa; t=s; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDPtW5iwpXVPiH5Fz







Templates are the starting point when creating websites, helping you quickly produce high-quality websites with consistent designs. Mono has created a comprehensive set of free-to-use templates that you can base your websites on. Find them here. If you are planning to create your own, custom templates, please reach out to us to explore the options and request training.

How to find templates in RAI

You’ll find all the Mono-created templates in the Templates tab in RAI. Read more here.


What does it cost to use templates?

Using templates is free of charge, regardless of whether you're using Mono's templates or ones you've built yourself.


How to work with templates 

Our templates are built with the purpose of making it as easy as possible for you to create websites quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. Find inspiration on how to use Mono's template system here.

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