Here are some resources to help you get started selling and building customer websites on the Mono White Label Website Platform.


Introduction to the Mono Platform

  • For more information, download a short introduction to getting started on the Mono Platform here.


Introduction to Client Management

  • For more information, check out our help articles on client management here.


Introduction to The Editor

  • Watch a short video guide on the Editor here.
  • Watch a video guide on Global Design here.
  • All Editor help articles here.

Setting up Global Fonts in Mono Editor

Setting up Global Colors in Mono Editor


Designing your website

Styling rows with shapes, images, and text boxes in Mono Editor

Creating shapes in Mono Editor

  • More on styling your website here.


Introduction to Mono Ecommerce+

  • More on Ecommerce+ here.


Introduction to Mono Blog

  • More on Mono Blog here.


Introduction to Mono Customers

  • More on Mono Customers here.

Introduction to Cookie Consent

Read our guides on getting started with Cookie Consent here.


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