Getting started with Mono as a new partner

Welcome to Mono Solutions! You will receive your login credentials from your operations team shortly if you haven't already. 


Getting started on the Mono platform


Step1: Log in to the Reseller Admin Interface (RAI)

The Reseller Admin Interface (RAI) is where you manage templates, start new websites, add subscriptions, domains and emails.

  • The Mono Team will send you login credentials.
  • Use your credentials to log in to RAI here.
  • Click 'Create Account' in the Top right corner to set up your first customer account and website
  • View a list of all your customer accounts and websites under 'Overview' in the top menu.

Please watch this full guide on RAI for more information on how to set up sites, subscriptions, template libraries, domains, SSLs and more:



Step 2: Build your first customer website in the Editor

You can access the Editor (our no-code website builder) through each website subscription in RAI. See the video above at time stamp 4:14 for more information on how to access the Editor.

Once you access the Editor, you can use an easy drag-and-drop interface to design and build the website.

Here is a guide on how to use the Editor:


Step 3: Hand the website over to the customer

You have the opportunity to allow your customers to edit their website by logging in. This access requires a username and password that you define for the customer in RAI when you create their account. It’s possible to create or change username and password on existing accounts under Account > Site > Edit (see time stamp 7:17 in the RAI introduction video above to see a demonstration on how to do this). 

Please find the URL for your end user login page in your onboarding email. You can also find the login site listed in RAI under Overview. It is listed like a customer website - you can see how to find it in the RAI introduction video above time stamp 4:35).  

Read more about how to to locate and design your end user login page here.



Need more help?

Get in touch with Support 

Jira Service Desk is our support environment where you can create tickets if you have any support issues. Your organization has its own Jira Service Desk instance with us. You have received an email with the relevant login information. Find more information on how to create tickets through the Jira Service Desk here.


Mono Help Center

Use the Mono Help Center to find more information about every corner of the Mono platform.

  • Editor manual: use this manual to find information on how to use the Editor. 
  • RAI manual: use this manual to find information on how to use RAI.  
  • Partner information: for everything on product customization, product information, tech specs and support-related content.
  • Domains and emails: comprehensive guides to anything related to domains, SSLs and email.
  • API: access Mono's API documentation and see usage examples.


Training is offered as an add-on if you need more help. It can help you get familiar with our platform and give you an introduction to best practices when creating websites.

Please contact your Partner Success Manager to schedule training sessions.


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