Add your branding on the Editor interface

Mono offers a fully white-labeled solution where you can easily add your own branding on the Editor interface, creating recognition among both your clients (if you allow them to log in to the Editor) and fulfillment staff alike. 



Your logo can be added in multiple places throughout the Mono product suite, most notably in the top left corner of the editor navigation. This helps you "brand" the Editor and create recognition for people logging in.




Please deliver your logo to us in a ticket. It's important that you provide the logo in SVG/AI format and it must be a scalable, vector file. 

Once we've received your logo, our Design team will crop it into various sizes and versions that are applied in the following products/instances: 

  • On the top bar within the Editor.
  • For your Editor login page.
  • For the branded footer (we will also create a light version of your logo if you're using a dark-colored branded footer, or you can submit it to us yourself if you have one on file).
  • For your One-Click sites (if you are offering that product).
  • For webmail email clients (if you are offering that product).


Logo background color

You can change the background color behind the logo from the default black to any single color of your choice. Please inform us in a ticket about which color you wish to add. We need to know the color HEX code in order to be able to add it.

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