Add or upgrade email subscription

You can add an email subscription associated with your domain. Find the Email Subscription option under the Subscriptions tab on the Account Page. Here, you can also upgrade existing email subscriptions to get more inbox storage space.



Add new email subscription

Read this article for a detailed guide on adding new email subscriptions.


Email subscriptions overview

Once you've purchased an email subscription, it will appear in the email subscriptions overview from where you can manage on-expire behavior and much more.



  1. Add email: This button allows you to add multiple email subscriptions on the same site.
  2. Subscription: Displays the type of email subscription.
  3. Status: Displays the email subscription status, which can be: active, unused, suspended or terminated.
  4. Domain/Email: Displays the email created for the specific domain.
  5. Start & Expiry date: Displays date from which the subscription was added and the date the subscription will expire.
  6. On expire: Allows you to define the on expire behavior; it is possible to choose whether you want the email subscription to automatically renew or terminate on the expiry date. Change the on expire behavior by clicking the pencil icon.
  7. Upgrade: Upgrade to get more storage space in your inbox. Your specific options and pricing are stated in your partner contract with Mono. Read more about upgrades here.
  8. Manage: Manage password and aliases. Read more here.
  9. Move: Allows you to move the email subscription to another account. To do so, type in the Account ID you want to move it to, followed by pressing the Move button.
  10. Terminate now: To instantly terminate the email subscription, press the Terminate Now button.
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