You can add a domain subscription in the Subscriptions tab on the Account Page. Purchase this type of subscription if you want to register a new domain or when transferring in a domain from another domain hosting service.  



Add new domain subscription

Read this guide for a complete overview of your various options for registering and transferring domains.


Domain subscriptions overview

Once you've registered a domain, it will appear in the domains subscriptions overview from where you can manage on expire behavior, DNS settings, and much more.



  1. Add domain: Start the process of purchasing a domain subscription here.
  2. Subscription: Displays the type of domain subscription, specifically whether it is a generic top level domain (.com, .org, .net, etc.) or a country-code top level domain (.us, .uk, .de, etc.). 
  3. Type/Status: Displays the domain status. There are six possible statuses: active, expired, failed, in progress, pending, queue.
  4. Domain: This column displays the actual domain registered.
  5. Used on site: Shows whether the domain is being used on a site or not. In case the domain is not being used, it will display the message "Detached". When the domain is being used on a site, it will display the Site ID. 
  6. Start & Expiry date: Displays date from which the subscription was added and the date the subscription will expire. 
  7. On expire: Allows you to define the on expire behavior; it is possible to choose whether you want the domain subscription to automatically renew or terminate on the expiry date.
  8. DNS settings: Allows you to define and manage your DNS settings. 
  9. Manage: Allows you to manage (e.g. update owner information), attach and de-attach the domain.
  10. Move: Allows you to move the domain subscription to another account. To do so, type in the Account ID you want it moved to, followed by pressing the Move button. 
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