How to add and manage subscriptions

You add and manage subscriptions in the Subscriptions tab on the account page of a specific site.



Add new subscription

To add a new subscription, click on the Add New Site Subscription button.




Select the site on the present account you wish to add the new subscription to. You can select an existing site from the drop down menu or start a new site.



Choose what subscription you want to add to the site. The drop down menu will show all your available subscription types based on your reseller contract with Mono. 


  Number of pages published

Every site subscription includes a maximum number of pages you can publish. The number of pages you are allowed to publish with each subscription is outlined in your reseller contract with Mono. If your website contains more pages than what your subscription allows, any additional pages exceeding the maximum limit will not be published and, therefore, not accessible for visitors. For example, let's say you have added a 5-page subscription to a site but you have created 6 pages in the Editor in the following order: Home, Menu, About, Contact, Shop, Blog. In this case, only the 5 first pages will be published meaning "Blog" won't be included on the published version of the website. 



Bundles and site subscriptions overview

Bundle subscriptions are associated with our previous version of the Editor, V3, and will be empty if your site is V5. 



Subscription & Active on Site ID

The subscription column gives you an overview of subscriptions associated with the specific account. The Active on Site ID column indicates what site the subscription is attached to. 


On expire

In this column you can define the subscription behaviour on the expiration date. You can either set the system to automatically renew or to terminate the website on the expiry date; to change between the two options, click the pencil icon.




It is possible to upgrade a subscription at any time by pressing the Upgrade button and choose the subscription you want to upgrade to.


Terminate now

If you want to terminate a subscription immediately, click the Terminate Now button. 


If you are terminating the last subscription associated with a site ID, the site will be deleted along with all its content and it can't be restored.


View all active subscriptions on your RAI account 

To get an overview of all your active subscriptions, click the Subscriptions submenu. Read more in this article. 

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