RAI differentiates between two types of subscriptions: site subscriptions and add-on subscriptions. Site subscriptions are the entry-level subscriptions and add-on subscriptions are subscriptions that you can add to a site after it's created, for example if you want to add a domain or email to a site.

  Important note on subscriptions

As we set up available subscriptions in your RAI account based on what has been agreed on in your reseller contract with us, you may not be able to view and add all the subscription types listed in this article. If you wish to add more subscription types to your account, please reach out to your Mono account manager. 



Site subscriptions

Site subscriptions include One-Click, Landing Pages, Light, Basic, Professional and E-Commerce subscriptions. 

  Number of pages

Refer to your reseller contract with Mono for a detailed overview of how many pages each subscription includes. 



The trial subscription is typically the subscription that you start a website on. This subscription is not charged for the first 60 days, which gives you the opportunity to build up the website and make sure your customer is happy with the result before you upgrade to a paid subscription. 


One-Click Site subscription 

A One-Click Site is a fully automated, responsive and SEO-optimized website created from existing customer content. There are three possible subscriptions for the One-Click Sites product: trial, locked and editable.

  • Trial: The trial subscription allows you to create your own One-Click Site for free during an agreed time frame. This subscription has the same conditions as the locked subscription.

  • Locked: The locked subscription is the default subscription for One-Click sites, in which you have limited access to the website builder, you are allowed one page, you may get your own domain and you are working within a locked site, meaning you cannot edit layout and design of the site but only fill in business data.

  • Editable: In case you want to unlock the One-Click template for further editing, it is possible to pay a one-time fee and move to the editable subscription. In this case you get full access to the website builder and can edit both design and layout of the site.


Landing Page subscription 

The Landing page subscription is a single page website in which you have full access to the website builder. 


Light, Basic and Professional subscriptions

Light, basic and professional subscriptions are associated with traditional, multi-paged websites. With these types of subscriptions you have total access to the website builder. The difference between these three types are the number of pages: the light subscription is typically 3 pages, the basic subscription 5 pages and the professional subscription unlimited pages. The professional subscription has, additionally, access to use the Blog function. Refer to your reseller contract with Mono to confirm how many pages each of your subscription types includes. 


Here's an overview of what each subscription type includes:



Add-on subscriptions

Add-on subscriptions are specific products or features that you can add on top of a regular site subscription.


This type of subscription allows you to add a domain to any site on your account. Read everything about registering, transferring and pointing domains here.



This type of subscription allows you to add an SSL certificate to any site on your account. An SSL subscription guarantees the encryption and therefore the protection of sensitive information on your site. Read more about adding SSL certificates here.

  Adding an SSL to an externally hosted domain

Even though your domain is not hosted with Mono, you can still purchase an SSL certificate through RAI and attach it to that domain. If doing so, please make sure to follow these guidelines.



This type of subscription allows you to have an email associated with your website domain name. 



The E-commerce subscriptions give you access to the E-commerce feature so you'll be able to create products and accept orders online. 



The Ecwid subscriptions give access to the E-commerce+ feature, a premium e-commerce platform powered by Ecwid.


Email Marketing

This subscription enables you to use the Editor's built-in Email Marketing feature. With Email Marketing, you can easily create custom and targeted email campaigns and send them out to all your customers or selected groups. Read more about Email Marketing here.

The type of Email Marketing subscription you select determines the amount of monthly email sends:

  • Email Marketing Trial: 50 emails.

  • Email Marketing 500: 500 emails.

  • Email Marketing 5000: 5000 emails.

  • Email Marketing 10000: 10000 emails.

  • Email Marketing 20000: 20000 emails.

  • Email Marketing 30000: 30000 emails.



This subscription enables you to use the Editor's built-in Scheduling feature on a website. With Scheduling, SMBs can accept appointment bookings from visitors made directly on their Mono website. Read more about Scheduling here



The SMS subscription allows you to purchase a batch of text messages that can be sent out as reminders to customers and staff members in Scheduling.

The default SMS packages contain the following number of texts:

  • SMS Basic: 100 texts.

  • SMS Professional: 500 texts.

  • SMS Professional Plus: 1500 texts.

Please note that the quotas in your contract may differ from the above.

The quota gets restocked at the beginning of each billing period. If the client uses up all of the texts before a new billing period begins, you'll need to upgrade subscription to get more texts.



The Engagement Subscription is free of charge and gives you full access to the On-Site Engagements feature. With On-Site Engagements you are able to add, manage, animate, and customize different types of engagements and dynamic calls to action.

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