Create a new email address

Once you have attached a domain to a website, you can start registering email addresses as well. For example, if you are using the domain, you can register one or multiple email addresses to go with that, such as,, etc.

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Add an email subscription

Find the Email subscriptions section under the Subscriptions tab on the Account page.


To add a new email subscription, click the Add Email button. Select the email subscription you want to associate with your website from the dropdown menu.


  Types of email subscriptions

email_1: A single email address with 5 GB of storage space
email_1_10Gb: A single email address with 10 GB of storage space
email_1_15Gb: A single email address with 15 GB of storage space
email_5: Five email addresses with 5 GB of storage space each
email_5_10Gb: Five email addresses with 10 GB of storage space each
email_5_15Gb: Five email addresses with 15 GB of storage space each

Please note that the available email subscriptions you see in RAI are based on what has been agreed in your reseller contract with Mono.

Once you have selected the desired subscription type from the dropdown, click the Start Subscription button.

  What is an Email Forward subscription?

Depending on your reseller agreement with Mono, you may see the subscription type "email forward" listed in your overview of available email subscriptions. An email forward subscription automatically forwards any emails you receive on a defined email address to another email address of your choice. Example: you purchase an email forward subscription and register the email in RAI. You then set it up to forward emails to Every time someone sends an email to, it will be auto-forwarded to

If you purchase an email forward subscription you won't have access to Webmail and will not be allocated any email storage space.


Configure email address, password and aliases

After you have started an email subscription, it will show on your list of subscriptions. Click the Manage button to configure it, create a password and define aliases.

email4.pngOn the overlay, you'll need to specify the following:

  • Email: type in the email address you want to use with this subscription. Use the format, for example  
  • Password: specify a password for this email address. Your client will use this when logging into their new email.
  • Aliases: aliases are other email addresses that will forward all messages to the defined inbox. For example, if you have registered as your email address and type in "sales,admin" in the aliases field, any emails sent to and will be automatically forwarded to


If you have purchased a subscription type containing multiple email addresses (for example email_5), you will need to define an email address, password and potential aliases for each.



Log in to email 

Once you've added and configured the email subscription, your client can log into and use the email either through the online email application Webmail or through an email client. Read more about that here.



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