Upgrade to get more email storage space

If you need more email storage space, you can upgrade and get up to a maximum of 15 GB. Your specific upgrade options and pricing are stated in your partner contract with Mono.

To upgrade email storage space, find your existing email subscription in the Subscriptions tab on the Account page. Click the Upgrade button.


On the overlay that appears, select your desired mailbox size from the dropdown and click Save.


Please note that if you are upgrading bulk email subscriptions, i.e. bundles of email addresses in a single subscription (for example email_5, email_10 and email_25), all the emails in the subscription will be upgraded with more storage space.

For example, if you upgrade the subscription email_10_5gb to email_10_10gb, all of the 10 email addresses included in the subscription will be upgraded from 5 GB storage space to 10 GB. It's not possible to upgrade a single email within a bundled subscription.


Checking storage space in Webmail

If you are using Webmail, you can see how much storage space you have used and how much is available on your mailbox by hovering on the small pie chart icon in the bottom-left corner of the interface.



  Updating email storage space

Please note that after you have upgraded email storage space in RAI, it may take a few minutes before the displayed available space in Webmail reflects the new space limit.

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