GDPR Compliant Google Fonts Solution


From the 1st of April, 2022, Mono Solutions will release a new Google Fonts Proxy to enhance GDPR compliance for European sites.To use the new proxy, simply re-publish your site. Your site will automatically start using the new Google Fonts proxy.




1) Is this relevant for GDPR?

Using Google Fonts directly is in violation of GDPR rules in the European Union because Google stores visitors IP's on servers located in the US.

2) What is the URL of the Fonts Proxy?

The CSS files containing the font-files are located here:
The actual font-files are colleted from:

3) Where is the Proxy located?

The proxy is located in the EU (Ireland).

4) Do we collect any data? Where is it stored?

Mono Solutions does not collect any visitor IPs or data related to serving Google Fonts. To serve our global customers as effectively as possible, we use CDNs in NA and EU. The CDNs do not collect any data (cookies or logs), and only serves the purpose of strictly forwarding the traffic to our proxy located in Ireland.

5) But I still see the call to “”?
This is due to the use of Google reCAPTCHA on some websites. Once a replacement has been found, that reference will also go away. This has nothing to do with the proxy. 

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