Resources for switching from V3 to version II of Mono Editor

We want to help ensure both your success and that of your small business customers. We have compiled a variety of resources to assist you in training your team members in Mono Editor.


Introduction videos 

Watch our getting started video with Mono Editor:  


Switching from V3 to version II of Mono Editor 

The most current version of Mono Editor is version II, which stands for improved interface.  
When users switch from V3 to II, they will be met with increased functionality and a more intuitive and user-friendly editing experience. Features and functionalities are structured in a clean and clear way to help speed up the website fulfilment process.  
We have written an article to give an overview of the II and V3 editors to help your team quickly adapt to this modern editing environment. Find it here.


Mono Editor comparison to V3

Download our brief overview comparing the features and functionalities of V3 to our newest version of the Mono Editor, II. 

Download it here:  Mono Editor comparison to V3.pdf


Schlütersche case study: 

Watch this video to see how our reseller partner, Schlütersche, increased customer loyalty when upgrading V3 sites to II:

Mono Editor product overview 

Download and print our brief introduction to the Mono Editor along with a list of useful keyboard shortcuts. 

Download it here:  Mono Editor - Product overview.pdf


Mono Editor training tasks 

A great way of getting familiar with Mono Editor’s improved interface is to get some hands-on practice. With this exercise, you can search for a fitting template, update global design and data, add rows and elements to the site, create an “About” page, and more.

Find it here:  Mono Editor tasks.pdf

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