Adding Cookie Consent to a subdomain

Usually, you would need to attach a domain to a customer site in order to enable cookie consent on it. However, if you are not ready to attach a domain to a customer site, you can instead use a subdomain.

An automatic subdomain is created once you publish a site, if it doesn't already have a domain attached. You can copy this subdomain and attach it as a domain to your customer site in RAI. 


Follow these steps:

  1. Publish the site from the Editor.
  2. Click the View Site link in the banner.

    publish banner.png
  3. The site will open in a new tab. Copy the site URL to your clipboard. This URL is the site's subdomain.
  4. In RAI, click the Site ID and then click the EDIT button in the bottom-left corner.
  5. On the overlay, scroll to the bottom and paste your subdomain URL in the Attach domain field. Click the ATTACH button. The subdomain is now attached to your site and you can provision a Cookie Consent subscription for it.
  6. Add a Cookie Consent subscription to the site.
  7. Log into the Editor again, head into Settings > Cookie notification, and enable the Cookie Consent banner by ticking Enable cookie notification banner.
    cookie settings (2).png
  8. Publish your site. The Cookie Consent banner is now showing on your subdomain.

If your client subsequently wants to move from their subdomain to a proper domain, you'll have to terminate the original Cookie Consent subscription, attach the new domain, and start a new Cookie Consent subscription. 

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