E-commerce+/Ecwid FAQ

Why should I sell Ecwid through Mono?

There are several benefits to selling Ecwid E-commerce via Mono, including:

  • Consolidate the website and e-commerce experience in one platform for your small business customers and fulfillment team
  • Provision Ecwid subscriptions directly from Mono’s Reseller Admin Interface (RAI)
  • Continue to receive support from Mono’s Service Desk team 
  • Less administration - get Ecwid & Mono via one channel, one provisioning tool and one invoice 


Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, you’ll need to sign an addendum with Mono to get access to the Ecwid subscriptions. No contract is needed with Ecwid. 


What Ecwid subscriptions do I have access to?

As part of our Ecwid offering, you’ll have access to three different subscriptions:

  • Essential - up to 100 products
  • Professional - up to 2,500 products
  • Unlimited - Unlimited number of products


For more, see the full overview of the Ecwid e-commerce subscriptions available in the Mono platform.

Do I need to make use of all three subscriptions or can I just offer the ones I want?

When signing the Ecwid addendum, you can decide whether you’d like to just sell one e-commerce package (For example: Only the unlimited package) or if you’d like to sell all three packages.

Do I need to sell Ecwid E-commerce as an add-on to a Mono website, or can I also sell it as a standalone?

Websites are the foundational element of an SMBs’ digital presence - and we highly recommend that you sell e-commerce as an add-on. However, it’s also possible to sell Ecwid E-commerce as a standalone, giving you the opportunity to connect with customers that don’t want- or already have a website. For more on how to set up Ecwid E-commerce as a standalone, please check out this article. 


Are all of Ecwid’s features available in your integration?

Yes, nearly all of Ecwid’s features are available via the Mono integration. The Instant Site Builder from Ecwid is not available, as we recommend that you bundle Ecwid with a landing page or website for better SEO, as well as the added possibility of adding domains and other online information. 

In addition, you will have the option during the initial set up process  to hide certain features and functionality (for example Google and/or Facebooks ads), as there are digital offerings that you may already offer as a service to your small business clients. 

For more, see the full overview of the Ecwid e-commerce subscriptions available in the Mono platform. 


Is Ecwid’s mobile app available via your integration?

Yes, Ecwid offers a non-branded mobile app for mobile store management. It’s available for Professional and Unlimited subscriptions. For more details on how to set it up, see the dedicated article for iOS and the dedicated article for Android.


Are there any statistics available for Ecwid E-commerce?

Yes, you can see statistics (as well as other key performance indicators) for the online shop in the E-commerce+ dashboard.


Is Ecwid E-commerce optimized for search engines?

Yes, there are a few different optimizations that can be done for search engines. In E-commerce+ interface in the Mono Editor, the user can edit the SEO page title and meta description. On top of that, product pages are all automatically tagged up with schema.org microdata, ARIA labels, and have a SEO-friendly headings structure. Lastly, product images are automatically assigned an alt text.


Does Ecwid E-commerce set any cookies? 

When a E-commerce+ subscription is added to a website, Mono automatically whitelists the domain ecwid.com in order to allow the embedded shop to load on the website, even if the visitor has not consented to third-party cookies. This is fully GDPR-compliant as all cookies set by Ecwid are strictly necessary for the shop to function. For more, see the dedicated article.


Can I start an Ecwid subscription directly from Mono’s Reseller Admin Interface (RAI)?

Yes, you can add provision Ecwid E-commerce as an add-on or standalone from RAI. You can also provision Ecwid E-commerce subscriptions via API. For more on using the API, see this dedicated article. 


My customer wants a free trial of Ecwid. Is this possible?

There is no free trial currently available for Ecwid E-commerce. Therefore, please be aware that as soon as you start a subscription - you will be liable to pay for it.


Is Ecwid E-commerce in the Mono platform white-label?

Yes, Ecwid is a white-label solution. Ecwid E-commerce will simple appear as “E-commerce+” in the Mono Editor. 


Can I upgrade from one Ecwid E-commerce subscription to another? 

Yes, it’s no problem to upgrade your Ecwid E-commerce subscription from Essential to Professional or Unlimited; or Professional to Unlimited. 


Can I upgrade from Mono E-commerce to Ecwid E-commerce?

There is currently no direct upgrade path from Mono E-commerce - but don’t worry, our team is working on a solution. However, you can manually migrate products from Mono E-commerce to Ecwid E-commerce. Check out this dedicated article for more.


Will there be continued improvements to the Ecwid integration?

Yes, there will be a few continued improvements to our integration. A planned improvement includes the addition of Ecwid E-commerce modules (no copying of HTML code!). Stay tuned for more during our annual Product Roadmap Webinar! Any feature requests will be passed along to the Ecwid team.


We’re already working with Ecwid. Can we now start working on Ecwid through Mono?

Yes, just reach out to sign an addendum and you can start all new Ecwid E-commerce subscriptions via Mono. 


Can you make my existing Ecwid E-commerce stores available via Mono?

Yes, it’s possible to transfer your sites. Reach out to your Partner Success Manager in order to request the coordination of these efforts as they must be handled on a case-by-case approach.

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