Ecwid is the leading provider of e-commerce for small businesses. Mono has partnered with Ecwid to offer their e-commerce solution directly in the Mono platform. The integration means that the Mono platform now allows you to seamlessly provision, build and manage Ecwid stores. In addition, the integration enables you and your SMB clients to manage the website and e-commerce all-in-one common interface. Lastly, embed the Ecwid store on a Mono website for online sale success, or take advantage of Ecwid’s advanced features and sell via social media, online marketplaces and more. 

The Ecwid integration to the Mono platform is white-label, and the product is displayed as E-commerce+ in the Mono Editor. Ecwid can be sold as an add-on to a Mono Website or as a standalone offering.



Ecwid delivers advanced e-commerce for small businesses, and provides an extensive set of e-commerce features that enable small businesses to sell on their website, social media, online marketplaces and more. Ecwid is an advanced e-commerce offering for businesses looking to run their business online. For small businesses that are looking to test the waters with selling online, we recommend starting with the Essential plan. 

The shop can easily be customized to fit the SMB’s needs and products. It offers integrations with other online channels, payment gateways and shipping options, facilitating the creation and operation of a sophisticated online shop. Ecwid E-commerce is available in three different subscription packages (Essential, Professional & Unlimited), which enables your SMB clients to choose the subscription whose features best fit their needs. It is the ideal solution for any SMB that wants to expand its reach by making their products available around-the-clock through an attractive online shop, ultimately driving more sales.


Unique selling points

  • Affordable and flexible subscription packages:
    Essential - Up to 100 products
    Professional - Up to 2,500 products
    Unlimited - Unlimited number of products
  • Customizable online shop layout and design
  • Integrations with multiple online channels for easy multi-channel selling (Instagram, Facebook and more)
  • Integrated shipping options facilitating the online selling process
  • Compatibility with many international and regional payment gateways
  • Automated inventory and order synchronization across platforms
  • Easy-to-use interface ensuring intuitive use and quick set-up
  • Mobile app in order to easily manage shop while on-the-go


Benefits for digital service provider

  • Quick and easy to set up for fulfillment teams
  • Enables DIWM concept where the service provider sets up the online shop; while the SMB adds new products
  • Great opportunity to offer copywriting services to your SMB clients
  • Create a more comprehensive digital package that allows SMBs to professionally engage with their customers
  • New revenue opportunity
  • Creates a more ‘sticky’ website offering when tied with Ecwid E-commerce
  • All the benefits of Ecwid, all within the familiar Mono interface


Go-to market strategies

  • Add-on offering: You can offer Ecwid E-commerce as an add-on subscription to your existing website packages.
  • Bundled offering: You can offer a bundled website and Ecwid E-commerce package. This could be an attractive offering for product-based businesses, and helps differentiate your website offering.
  • Vertical approach: Take a vertical approach and focus on selling Ecwid E-commerce to specific industries that are focused on selling goods such as the retail sector.
  • Offer additional services: In addition to setting up Ecwid E-commerce for your SMB clients, you can help them to keep the shop up-to-date by adding new products.


Communication inspiration

  • On ease of use: “Effortlessly create a professional online shop” “Easily add new products” “Save time and effort by making use of the integrated shipping and payment options” 
  • On customization: “Customize the online shop to truly reflect the business” 
  • On flexibility: “Easily change your online product offering” “Offer deals by quickly changing pricing”
  • On conversion: “Convert website visitors into buyers”
  • On reach: “Sell more by making your products available around-the-clock” “Reach geographically distant customers” “Easily integrate with other platforms such as Facebook to reach a bigger audience” “Make your products available even when your physical store is closed”  “Make products available for purchase that would otherwise just be in the warehouse, such as off-season products”
  • On automation: “Make use of the automatically calculated shipping rates” “Ensure flawless stock management through automated inventory and order synchronization across platforms” 
  • On targeting: “Offer targeted discounts to selected groups of customers” 
  • On selling anywhere “Sell everywhere - your website, social media, Amazon and more”


White-label collateral

To help support your marketing of Ecwid E-commerce, the Ecwid team has provided several different white-label materials, including:

  • Video: Welcome to your online store
  • Video: How to add a product
  • Banner ads for digital advertising
  • Image assets for marketing
  • SMB onboarding checklist
  • Restaurant guides

Other collateral that is also available to you from Ecwid is:

  • Competitor comparisons
  • Sales & Marketing Tool Kit
  • E-commerce Trends
  • Sales channel (Instagram, Facebook) statistics

Access the materials here: (you need to request an account the first time you want to log in)


Upgrade/upsell path

Upgrade to a website offering with Ecwid E-commerce: Encourage customers with a basic website offering to upgrade to a more advanced website offering, and receive Ecwid E-commerce as an exclusive part of their website bundle.

Complimentary products: Get Mono On-Site Engagements to link to your online shop, Mono Email Marketing to inform customers about new products in your shop and Mono Scheduling to support online appointment booking for private bookings, appointments and more.


Getting started

  1. Get in touch with your Partner Success Manager to ensure that Ecwid E-commerce is included in your contract with Mono
  2. Book a kick-off meeting with the Mono team to discuss go-to-market approach, marketing and sales enablement
  3. Schedule product training with our education team 
  4. Schedule a dedicated session to introduce Ecwid E-commerce to your sales team
  5. Configuration and setup: Internal testing
  6. Launch Ecwid E-commerce
  7. Post-launch 6 weeks recap - review success/discuss challenges/best practices review
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