Troubleshooting contact forms

Run through these checklists if you or your clients are having issues with contact form submissions on a Mono website.

  Do a quick "sanity check" first

The first time you insert a contact form on a page, try filling it in and ask your client to check if they receive the submission email.


Why are form submission emails not coming through? 

  • Double-check that the Email recipient field in the Form module has been filled in with the correct email address. Make sure that it doesn't contain any leading or trailing spaces.
  • If you have purchased an email account for the client through Mono and test out form submissions before the email is active, it may sometimes block the form from sending any further form submission emails. Contact the Mono Service Team to lift the block.
  • The form email host is very strict in regards to spam emails and may reject form sends if it suspects malicious behavior. Contact the Mono Service Team to request information about why emails are being blocked.


Notices and advice

  • Mono is not able to retrieve forms that have not been delivered as this would be in breach of data privacy laws.
  • If the client has access to Customers in the Editor, they can view all collected form data in one place. Reach out to your Partner Success Manager if you want to know more about the Mono Customers feature.
  • Mono is able to track form submission activity 3 days back. Contact the Mono Service Team if you are interested in this.
  • Sometimes form submission emails may get greylisted by email providers. Advice your client to check their spam folder and whitelist the form submission email sender address.
  • Advise clients to not use email forwards for the Form module emails. Some mail providers don't have proper forwarding rules in place.


Preventing automatic notification emails from being flagged as spam

Notification emails are sent to the website owner when certain actions are completed by visitors on the website, for example when they submit a contact form or sign up as a user. These email are sent out using a mass email service called Sendgrid.

In order to prevent these emails for being detected as spam, the sending domain must add SPF and DKIM records to the domain DNS settings.

Notification emails are by default sent from If a Mono partner wants to use their own email sending domain, SPF and DKIM records must first be set up for that domain.

Here is a quick guide on which DNS settings needs to be added for you notification email sender domain.

Adding an SPF record

Change to the domain you're using.

  • Option 1: if there is no existing SPF/TXT record on the domain, use: -> TXT -> v=spf1 ~all 
  • Option 2: if there is an existing SPF/TXT record on the domain, add: 


  Limit on SPF records

It is not advised to have more than 4 SPF records for a domain as it may slow down lookup.


Adding a DKIM record

Change to the domain you're using. -> TXT -> k=rsa; t=s; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDPtW5iwpXVPiH5FzJ7Nrl8USzuY9zqqzjE0D1r04xDN6qwziDnmgcFNNfMewVKN2D1O+2J9N14hRprzByFwfQW76yojh54Xu3uSbQ3JP0A7k8o8GutRF8zbFUA8n0ZH2y0cIEjMliXY4W4LwPA7m4q0ObmvSjhd63O9d8z1XkUBwIDAQAB



Adding an SPF record for Webmail -> TXT -> v=spf1 ~all
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