Site and email restoration

Restoration policy

In order to initiate a site/email restoration we'll need to collect the right information: the Site ID, Account ID and the date from when the site/email should be restored.

A restoration will not take place before we have a written approval from you in a Jira ticket. The restoration can take 1 to 5 working days and is charged a fee. We highly recommend you to include a fee approval in the Jira ticket to ensure that the process can start straight away. 

  No restoration guarantee 

Mono can't guarantee that we're able to restore all sites and email accounts. We will evaluate each restoration request on a case by case basis.


Restoration fee 

  • Within normal working hours (9am-5pm CET), the price is based on the duration of time it takes to complete the work. Getting a site restored normally takes around 30 minutes. 
  • The fee of restoration outside normal working hours will be based on 1 working hour.
  • If the restoration is urgent, please email your request directly to our tech support:


Backup of email account

An email account can be restored if it was deleted no longer than 30 days (1 month) ago. The fee for email account restoration is the same as for restoring a website.


Backup of individual email messages

An email can be restored if it was deleted within 14 days (2weeks).


Site restoration

Sites can usually be restored from backup up to 24 months back.

  Site termination prevention

To avoid unintended site terminations, you may use our notifications feature in the RAI Admin panel which sends you a weekly email listing all the sites on your RAI account that are about to expire.

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