Moving Ecwid stores to your Mono-Ecwid account

If you have previously provisioned stores directly through Ecwid, Mono can help you move those over to your Mono-Ecwid account. 

What are the advantages of moving over your stores?

  • One login: Your Ecwid store can be accessed directly through the Mono Editor so you don't need to log in to Ecwid separately to manage it.
  • Streamlined billing: Ecwid subscriptions with Mono are billed together with your website subscriptions so you don't need to manage multiple invoices.
  • Unique features: By using Ecwid through the Mono Editor you get access to a range of special features that are not available when provisioning stores directly from Ecwid. These include dedicated modules, syncing store/Editor languages, automatic whitelisting of Ecwid domains for cookie-consent purposes, and more.


How to move over Ecwid stores

  1. Fill in this sheet with information about the stores you want moved. Please add comments in the sheet if you have any special requirements. There's no limit on the amount of stores that can be moved - just add more rows in the sheet if you have more stores. Please make sure to only add site IDs in the sheet and not template IDs as templates cannot have subscriptions attached. Also note that stores can only be moved to sites that have paid site subscriptions. In other words, stores can't be moved to sites on a trial subscription. 
  2. Create a ticket with the Mono Service Desk and attach your sheet.
  3. We'll start Ecwid subscriptions on your behalf on all the sites that will get stores moved over.
  4. We'll ask Ecwid to move the requested store IDs over from your current Ecwid partner account to your Mono-Ecwid account.
  5. The migration is complete and you can now access stores through the Mono Editor. Billing for Ecwid stores happens through Mono.

  Logging into stores that have been moved

Once a store has been moved, it is accessible through the Mono Editor and users do not need a separate login to access it. If they had previously accessed their store through, they are still able to do so using the same credentials as before the store was moved.

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