What is "Brand name" in E-commerce+?

When Mono's Operations team is taking you through the initial setup of E-commerce+, you're asked to supply a brand name. The brand name is essentially the branded name of the e-commerce+ product that your end users will see throughout the interface. 

By default, the brand name we use is E-commerce+:


If you, for example, select My Shop as your brand name, all instances in the interface referencing the brand name will change to My Shop:



A few important notes

  • If you don't supply a brand name, we will by default call the solution E-commerce+.
  • The brand name you pick applies to all E-commerce+ shops created on your account. It is not possible to submit individual brand names on a per website basis.
  • The brand name doesn't apply to the naming in the Editor navigation which always remains E-commerce+. For example, if you have picked My Shop as your brand name, the tab title in the Editor will still be E-commerce+.


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