Generate a user report

With the User report feature you're able to quickly generate a full report on what data you have collected on specific users from forms, in Customers, E-Commerce and from Blog comments. 

The User report searches and displays the following types of data that visitors have submitted on your website:

  • Form data submitted through any of the Form modules, the Mailchimp form module, the Email signup form module, On-Site Engagement types that contain forms, and the User login module.

  • Customer data stored in Customers.

  • Orders placed in the E-commerce.

  • Blog comments added to blog posts.  

You generate a user report on a customer's profile page by clicking the Download report button.


The report is downloaded in .csv format and lists all the pieces of data collected on the specific customer. You can see the type of information submitted, the actual content inputted by the customer, a timestamp indicating when the information was submitted, and whether the field was required (mandatory) or not.

It's easy to convert the report from .csv to other formats such as .pdf or .xslx, for example by using a free online converter.


Deleting user data

If a customer requests their data to be deleted, you're able to do so from within the Customers and Blog features.

  • Form data can be deleted in Customers -> Forms. Read more here.
  • Customer data can be deleted from the Customers overview.
  • Blog comment data can be deleted in Blog -> Comments. Read more here.
  • E-commerce order data cannot be deleted as it contains necessary information concerning financial transactions.
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