After logging into RAI, you'll land on the dashboard which helps you get an overview of sites that have been assigned to you, as well as updates from within your organization and news from Mono. From the dashboard, you can also access all the various functions in RAI. 




Sites assigned to me

If someone in your organization has assigned a site to you, it will appear on your dashboard. After you have taken the necessary actions you can tick the site and assign it to another user or leave it unassigned, by when it will disappear from your dashboard. 
Sites/accounts created by you will by default be assigned to you and show on your dashboard until you assign the sites to someone else.



This box is a news feed controlled by the Admin of your reseller account. If you're an Admin, learn how to create your own updates.


Info from Mono

This news feed contains global announcements from Mono that help you stay updated on new releases, bug fixes, etc. It cannot be edited by Admins or other user roles within your organization.  






User name, role and time zone

At the top left of the header, you can see your user name and your user permission role. Read more about user permissions hereYou can also see the current time and change your time zone by clicking on the link.


Global search field

Quickly locate specific sites, customer accounts and templates within your RAI account by using the global search feature. It searches all the different parameters on accounts and sites, including account ID, site ID, user name, company name, subdomain, email address.

  Search tip

Depending on what paramenter you're basing your search on, use one of these pre-fixes in front of the search query in the search field:

  • Account ID: a:123456
  • Site ID: s:123456
  • User name: u:username


Create Account button

Click this button when you're ready to start creating websites and customer accounts in RAI.


Multiple reseller accounts

If you have access to more than one reseller account, you will see a blue button dropdown in the header. Click the button to switch between the accounts you have access to.



Main navigation


The Templates section features hundreds of ready-made templates that can be used as the basis of a new site. A template is built like a regular site, but does not have a subscription. This allows you to easily copy the template and modify it for individual customers. Read all about templates here.

Start Sites

With this feature you can batch-create websites by uploading a CSV file with all relevant information. Start Sites can either be used to quickly create a starting point for one or many websites using Global Data, or to showcase a range of different website designs to a potenial client. Read more about batch-creation here.


The Overview section provides a list of all active sites, including Start Sites. In this section, you can manage sites, accounts, domains and subscriptions. Read more here


The Admin section is only available for users that have the Admin user role. It allows Admins to fulfill site-specific actions, such as managing users, default settings, reporting, status categories and expiry notifications. Read more about the Admin section here.

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