If you're wondering what we mean by Start Site, Subscription or any other term within RAI, check out this list of fundamental terminology. 

Term Definition
Batch A batch is a group of start sites that has been automatically generated in one instance. Each batch has a batch ID that will be inherited by the sites included.
Domain A domain can be attached to a site. For example: www.mydomain.com.
Domain transfer The process of moving a domain name from one registrar to another. Within RAI, it's possible to issue domain transfer requests in order to move a domain hosted elsewhere to Mono.
MX records A mail exchanger record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System that specifies a mail server responsible for accepting messages on behalf of a recipient's domain.
Registrar A registrar is the company that hosts a domain name, sometimes also called the domain host.
RFF site RFF stands for "Ready-for-Fulfillment". RFF sites are start sites with an indicated order attached, which indicates which subscriptions the customer is interested in.
Site A site is a website or mobile site that has one or more subscriptions attached.
Site ID Each site has a unique site ID which should always be referred to in support issues. You can also use the search option in RAI to quickly find specific sites by inputting their ID.
Start site Start sites are first draft sites, based on templates with a trial subscription, and are created in a batch automation process. First draft sites may be populated with business specific content and the sites can be shown to potential customers. You can always upgrade a start site to a paid subscription later on. 
Subdomain Before a domain name is attached to a site, the site will be published on a subdomain, for example www.shopname.monopartner.com
Subscription Subscriptions - paid, free or trial - control which features are available in the website Editor. Your available subscriptions will depend on the terms in your reseller contract with Mono.
Template Ready sites, without subscriptions, that can be used as a starting point when creating new websites. 
Template ID Templates have unique IDs. Global templates are made available by Mono. These may be copied but not edited, unless you first copy them to your local template library. 
Account An account is a customer. Each account may have several active websites and subscriptions attached to it.
Account ID Each account has an unique ID number that may be referred to in support issues. You can use the search option in RAI to quickly find specific accounts by inputting their ID. 
AUTH code A key code that is needed to confirm a domain transfer; some times also called EPP-token.


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