How to display Global Data with global content tags

Did you know you can display Global Data on different places of the website with short codes? This means you can place information such as address, country, e-mail, company mission and company description automatically on a customer website - as long as you have defined the content in Global Data. As a designer, you can quickly add content to the site without worrying what the content should be. You can leave that to other teams.

You can also add the short codes to templates, so it is pre-filled with the content you have defined when setting up Global Data in RAI.

Want to display the Company Description on the About us page, Career page, and Homepage? Easy. Just define enter the Company Description under Content --> Content --> Global Data -- > Business information, and add the short code [description_long] to text modules to all of those three pages. Then when you update the description later in Global Data, the content updates automatically updates across all the short codes.

Find and define the content of all the short-codes in the Editor under Content --> Global Data.

You can even define you own custom content and display them with the generic short codes of [custom_text_1], [custom_text_2] etc. You can do that under Content --> Content --> Global Data -- > Custom Global Data.


global data short codes_3.gif

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