In this article we will cover how you can link the company name in the header to the homepage. 


  1. From the header row, select the company name.
  2. In the text editor menu, click the Link icon and then Link in the dropdown.
  3. In the menu that appears, we can then set the link destination to an external URL, internal URL, an email address, file, or phone number. We select internal URL here.
  4. A dropdown list of pages appears. We select Home and click Save.
  5. Depending on how your Company name global text is set up, you can immediately see that the link has been applied.
  6. When using the link feature, it is important to set up the link properties for your global fonts. If you haven’t already done so, Click Design > Global Texts. Then update the link properties for the relevant global texts. For this example, we select Company name.
  7. In the menu, we scroll down to and expand the Link menu point. Here we can set the font weight, color, and text decoration for both normal and hover states For this example, we will set the normal link color to the same as the normal text color. However, we can set the hover color to another high contrast color from our global color palette to indicate to users that this is a link. 

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