How to set up a simple row slider in 5 minutes

You can use the preset designs in Mono Editor to incorporate row sliders, but understanding how to construct one from scratch is very valuable. It provides a foundational understanding of how row sliders work and gives you the flexibility to tailor them to your preferences or modify existing presets as needed.

Here is how you can set up a simple row slider in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Add a row you like. It can be any row design or just an empty row. 
  2. Click the three dots "More" in the Row Menu, then "Add Row Slider"
  3. Now in the top center of the row, you can find a new menu called "Row Slider". Here you can edit the slider design, such as pagination arrows, slide animations and more.
  4. To add a slide, simply navigate to the Row Slider Menu in the top center, click the three dots called "More" and click blue "Add Slide" button.
  5. Each slide function as a separate row. To delete a slide, simply navigate to the slide in question and delete the row itself.

Bonus tip: For the best possible mobile performance, we advice you to turn off row sliders on mobile viewport. If you want to have a graphic element on mobile, you can replace the row slider with an image module, which is only visible on the mobile viewport. 


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