How to add a customer logo via Global Data

In this article we will show you how you can add a logo to a customer website through Global Data. The benefit of using Global Data is that, if your logo is used in multiple places on the website, you still only need to update it in one place.


1: Upload your logo under Global Data

Global data 1.png

  • Navigate to Content > Global Data > Logo
  • Upload your logo or choose the logo from your file library
  • Click save



2: Find out where you want your logo, and add an image module

  • Navigate to Design in the top menu
  • Add an image module where you want the logo to be
  • In the Image module overlay, toggle the switch "Use Global Data source"
  • Choose Logo from the dropdown

data source.JPG


3: Repeat for the footer, about us page, and other places you want your logo

  • Add the logo in the same place everywhere you want it.
  • If your customer ever needs a logo update, you will only need to change it once under Global Data.
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