How to change the line structure between two rows

Sometimes, we want to break up the usual horizontal, square look of a page. We can do that by changing the structure of the line between two rows, making this line either asymmetrical or broken.

Here you will learn how to achieve this effect. 


Without effect:


With effect:



How to achieve this effect in five easy steps


1. Click the pencil icon to edit the row you wish to apply the design to

2. Turn on the Background Filter switch

3. Upload a design on a transparent background. In this example, the design is a line of green squares.

4. Play around with 'Image Repeat' and 'Size' until the Background Filter image is positioned on top of the background image the way you want it to.

5. Do the same for the row below (you may need to flip the design depending on the effect you want)



There are endless variations of design available via this concept. Here is an example using a white triangle as an overlay, instead of green squares.



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