Mono Editor (Website Builder)


The intuitive Mono Editor is our all-in-one interface for building and managing websites, as well as our full suite of products. Our editor allows for all core aspects of the small business’ digital presence to be managed in one unified interface. From building new pages and email campaigns - to managing incoming bookings and orders, the Mono Editor lets you seamlessly build, edit and manage the full suite of Mono Products all within the same interface. 

Whether you’re a seasoned website designer or digital novice, the Mono Editor can easily be adjusted to fit your level of technical skills. With our adaptable user roles, the Mono Editor gives professionals the freedom to efficiently fulfil websites at scale, as well as providing the best DIY experience for small business owners looking to take more control of their digital marketing. 


The functionality of the Mono Editor is truly flexible, and the positioning the editor depends on which products are available, as well as the user role that your team assigns to your small business clients. The Mono platform comes with two standard user roles Admin which is best suited for your fulfillment team & professional website designers; and the Simple editing mode which is best suited for your small business clients to make simple updates, such as text changes, images and more. 

Learn more about user roles.

Unique selling points

  • An easy-to-use and intuitive editor
  • WYSIWYG interface for editing and managing website content
  • Pre-defined rows and page layouts for quick additions of new content

For more unique selling points, see the product brief on Mono Websites.


Benefits for digital service provider

  • Truly efficient and cost-effective production (keyboard shortcuts)
  • Save time on building websites with pages and layouts pre-optimized for all viewports
  • User roles ensures advanced design options for fulfillment; yet limits SMB access to accidentally change designs

For more partners benefits, see the product brief on Mono Websites.


Getting started

Are you a new Mono Partner? Your Partner Success Manager will be setting up an initial training session for you in the near future. Learn more about our partner training. Want to get started right away? Check out the Mono Learning Portal and enroll to get stareted with learning the fundamentals of the Mono Editor at your own pace.

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