Use the Payment icons module to show visitors what payment methods you accept in your physical or online store. You can add a Payment icons module by selecting Payment icons under the category Products and services in the Add module overlay. Products and services modules help you add product-related information to your website in a structured way and provide visitors a convenient overview of what you're offering.

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  Use Global Data on your modules

It's highly recommended that you feed your business information from Global Data into this module as it ensures that your company information is consistently applied throughout your website. Updating your information centrally in Global Data means you don't have to go through your entire website each time you change a piece of information such as a price list - you only have to update the information once. Read more about Global Data here.



Hover the module and click on Content or Design on the dropdown to edit your Payment icons module. 



Click on Add icon to add a payment icon to your list and click again on the icon to expand the icon selection for the specific element. The icon list consists of the following payment method icons:

  • Android
  • Apple
  • Bank
  • CC-Amex
  • CC-Diners-club
  • CC-Discover
  • CC-Jcb
  • CC-Mastercard
  • CC-Paypal
  • CC-Stripe 
  • CC-Visa
  • Credit Card
  • Credit Card Alt
  • Google wallet
  • Money 
  • Paypal


CC stands for credit card and indicates that the icon includes a credit card. Please note that there are two Paypal icons - a credit card and a "regular" icon. 

  Use payment icons from Global Data

You have the option to display payment icons from Global Data instead of manually adding them on the module. Use Global Data content by toggling the function Use Global Data source.


The Design section is where you change the icon, background, border and spacing of your Payment icons module. For more specific styling options, click on More local design options. Toggle each specific element to expand the design options. For a detailed walkthrough of all styling parameters, please refer to our dedicated styling guide.

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