Use the FAQ list module to create a list of questions and answers to help visitors acquire knowledge about your products or services. You can add a FAQ list module by selecting FAQ List under the category Text and structure in the Add module overlay.



FAQ lists are marked up with structured data which makes your web page eligible to have a rich result on Google Search.



Example of Google Search displaying results that have FAQ markup:




With the FAQ list module, you can choose between displaying an existing FAQ list from Global Data or adding an FAQ list directly to the module.


Fetch Global Data content by toggling Use Global Data source. If you have more than one FAQ list in Global Data, select the relevant list from the Source dropdown menu.

Note: To create or edit the content of a global data FAQ List, select Content  > Global Data > FAQ lists > Create FAQ. 



If you don't use Global Data you can add FAQ list elements manually by toggling off the Use Global Data Source and then selecting Add FAQ element button.


You can add the following content to each element:

  • Question: the question that you are going to provide an answer to.
  • Answer: the answer to the question. The answer text can contain basic text formatting as well as hyperlinks.

Change the order of your elements by dragging on the six vertical dots on the left side of each element and moving them to the slot of your choice.

  Element limit

An FAQ list can contain up to a maximum of 50 question-answer pairs. If you want to add more than 50 questions, you need to split them up into two or more FAQ lists. You can create as many FAQ lists as you wish.

  Avoid duplicate markup

According to Google's guidelines on FAQ Schema, if your website contains the same question-answer pair with identical markup more than once, it may potentially lead to all your pages not showing FAQ rich results in the Google search results. In order to comply with these guidelines, make sure that each of your question-answer pairs only show in one place throughout your website. A simple way to achieve this is to simply create a dedicated FAQ page on your website and add all your questions and answers there.


The Design section is where you change the background and spacing on your FAQ list module. For more specific styling options, click on the More local design options. Read our comprehensive guide to styling your website for more design information and tips and tricks. 

For additional design functionality, you can create a FAQ list by using the Accordion module.

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