Enable SSL (https redirection) on your website domain

Enable or disable HTTPS:// redirection for your website domain to direct traffic to your SSL-secured address (https instead of http). Please note that this only works if an SSL certificate has already been purchased for the website. 

Enable SSL (https redirection) on your website domain in Settings > Editor settings > SSL certificate.


You enable SSL on your site by ticking the Enable SSL (https) box and clicking Save.

Why enable SSL?

An SSL certificate ensures that your site is validated as being trustworthy. Also, Google gives ranking value to sites with SSL certificates installed. The HTTPS:// redirection traditionally forwards the http://www.yourdomain.com tohttps://www.yourdomain.com.

Why disable SSL?

Disabling SSL can be useful if you want to use non-secure (HTTP) links on the website and avoid prompting browser security warnings.

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