Add HTML snippets across all your pages

Global HTML tags are repeated across every page of your website and can either be included within the head or body tag on the HTML document. If you don't want HTML included on all your pages but only on a specific page, you have the possibility to do so by using the HTML module.

Add Global HTML snippets across all your pages in Settings > Editor settings > Global HTML Tags.Screenshot_2021-05-18_at_15.08.37.png


You include Global HTML tags on your site by pasting your HTML code snippet in either the head tag or body tag area. If your HTML tag is a meta tag or a widget/embeddable that you want to appear across your website, insert this as a Head tag. If it's another type of HTML tag e.g. for Google Analytics, insert this as a Body tag.

  Allowed HTML tags in <head>

Only use the following HTML tags in the <head> section of your website:


Using any other tags than those listed above may prevent your website content from rendering properly.


  Search your HTML tags

If you need to search for specific entries in the HTML tags you've pasted into the Editor, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F brings up a search bar that allows to search through your code snippets. 

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