Auto-provision SSL on domain registration

On request, Mono can bundle in an SSL certificate with one of your site subscriptions so that an SSL certificate is automatically added when you register a domain for the website through RAI. That way, you don't need to manually add the SSL certificate to the domain after registration.

To have this bundle enabled on your account, please reach out to the Mono Service Team and specify which of your current site subscriptions you want the automatic SSL-provisioning added to.


How does it work?

The SSL will be enabled automatically once you have registered a domain on the website and added it as the primary domain for that site. 

Here's an example:

  1. You start a 10-page subscription (with SSL bundled in) which costs 14 EUR per month (site subscription price alone). When the site subscription is started, you're charged 14 EUR. 

  2. When a domain is then added to the site, the SSL auto-provisioning is triggered and a separate SSL subscription is started on the account for the price of 2 EUR.

  3. The site subscription and SSL subscription will be treated as two individual transactions on your billing overview. In this example, the total cost of the bundled subscription would be 16 EUR per month, split up in two transactions of 14 EUR and 2 EUR, respectively. 


How to set it up and trigger the SSL subscription

Once you've started a website on a subscription with SSL auto-provisioning enabled, do the following to trigger the SSL subscription: 

  1. Register a domain for the website. 
  2. Attach the domain and make sure to tick the box "Use as primary domain".
  3. Publish the website.

The SSL certificate is now triggered and will be added to the website within 24 hours. 

  You can only auto-provision SSL for one domain per website

You cannot have SSL automatically applied on more than one domain on a website. You can apply SSLs to secondary domains manually. Read how here.

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