Introduction to Mono's new templates

As a Mono partner, you have access to our free library of templates designed by our in-house design team. Every template has been carefully designed to inherit Global Design elements such as colors, font family, text styles, etc., making it extremely easy for you to create a unique visual identity for a website by changing just a few parameters through Global Design.



Why new templates?

In October 2020, Mono launched a new generation of templates. Apart from boasting a new, modern design, the templates are built to help our partners get the best possible starting point in terms of fulfillment efficiency, website load speed, SEO optimization and Accessibility compliance.

SEO remains an ever-important factor for any website. We've built the templates according to a set of 14 best practice SEO principles and they all score a full 100 in the Google Lighthouse SEO test but also contain a number of other built-in SEO optimizations not captured by the test. Read more about our SEO checklist here.

Over the past few years, Accessibility has become a major factor in website design and it's now a legal requirement in several countries that published websites must have some degree of Accessibility compliance. We have made it easy for our partners to build accessible websites by pre-optimizing our templates based on 11 core Accessibility principles. All the templates score between 98-100 in the Google Lighthouse Accessibility test but also contain a range of other benefits not measured by the test. Read more about our Accessibility checklist here.


Where are the new templates?

You can preview them right here (IDs 1234999 and up). They have also been added to the Quick Creator so that DIY users can select them.


How do I use the templates?

You basically have two options:

  1. Start a new website directly on a Mono template: when you create a new website for a client in RAI, select one of our templates as the starting point for the website. Learn more here.
  2. Copy them over to your local account and modify them: if you want to adapt the templates to your unique use cases or market needs, copy them over to your local templates folder and edit them. Learn more here.


Does Mono offer other templates?

Yes, apart from our new generation of templates, we still maintain all our existing templates. They can all be viewed here. Be aware, however, that only the new templates (IDs 1234999 and up) follow the SEO and Accessibility principles outlined above.

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