Accessibility checklist

The following checklist of Accessibility-enhancing improvements have been applied to all new Mono templates:

  1. Aria labels have been enabled and are applied automatically to any new content added.
  2. All buttons have accessible names.
  3. Pages have a title.
  4. Page titles are "front-loaded" with the important and unique identifying information first, for example About | Parkview Medical instead of Parkview Medical | About.
  5. Heading elements are in a sequentially-descending order (H1, H2, H3).
  6. All images have alt texts.
  7. All link texts have discernible names.
  8. A language has been declared on all pages.
  9. All contact form fields contain form labels.
  10. No flashing or blinking content.
  11. Focus indication has been pre-styled (but not activated - see below)


Additional steps you can take

Apart from the already implemented Accessibility improvements, you may also want to consider taking the following actions when building websites based on the templates:

  1. Enable focus indication. We've already pre-styled it so all you need to do is activate it.
  2. Enable the skip navigation element.
  3. Use proper color contrasts. Note that some templates already have sufficient contrast while others don't.


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