SEO and automation checklist

The following checklist of SEO-enhancing improvements and automations have been applied to all new Mono templates:

  1. Every template contains at least a Home page, About, Contact and Privacy policy (hidden).
  2. Every template contains an FAQ list module for leveraging the positive benefits of markup.
  3. Home page has a meta description of max. 160 characters.
  4. All other pages don't have a meta description as it negatively impacts SEO to have duplicate page descriptions
  5. Home page title always contains company name and is set up to dynamically fetch the page name.
  6. All images used have a file size of less than 400 kb.
  7. All images used have a meaningful alt text.
  8. All pages contain one H1 tag, 1-4 H2 tags and 1-6 H3 tags (when relevant).
  9. Visitors are always able to view main page content without having to scroll.

  10. All links have descriptive texts.
  11. Contact pages contain contact details, opening hours, contact form and map (where relevant).
  12. Design is optimized for mobile.
  13. Content is broken up logically through subheadings, images and quotes for improved readability and to keep visitors engaged.
  14. SSL (https) has been pre-enabled.


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