If you have more than one sticky banner (or sticky engagement as they are called on the Mono Platform) that are all placed on the same area of the screen, it's nice to be able to decide which order they appear in. 

First, create your sticky engagements under Products > On-Site Engagements in the top menu. When you create the engagements, you can decide where on the screen they should appear, for example top right, bottom right, top left or bottom left. 

In this case, let's make them all appear top left. 

Then, all you need to do is drag each sticky engagement to the position you want it. If you want the "email us" banner to appear first, for example, you drag it to the top of the list using the six dots.

This translates directly to the engagement's position on the live site, meaning this particular engagement will sit on top of the others.

See how here:


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