How to set up a template for Quick Creator

Let's go through how you can set up a template for Quick Creator in 5 easy steps. 


Please note that steps 3 and 4 are entirely optional. You can personalize as little or as much as you want to. Many of Mono's templates already come with global content tags in place (step 3), as well as industry relevant text. So feel free to use the templates as they are, if you do not wish you add your own personalization. 


How to set up templates for use in Quick Creator

  1. Make sure you have the right access in RAI. You must have the role "fulfillment" to edit templates, and you must be "administrator" to enable the templates for Quick Creator
  2. Choose a template that you want to configure for Quick Creator. You can either choose an existing template in your library, create a new one from scratch, or copy one of Mono's global templates as a starting point. 
  3. (Optional) Personalize the template with these 6 types of Global Data. These types of Global Data can then be defined for the prospect in question in the Quick Creator flow.
    • Company name - [company_name] 
    • Company mission - [mission]
    • Logo (upload a placeholder under Content > Global Data > Logo) and then add an image module where you want the logo to appear in the final website, toggle the 'global data' button and choose Logo from the dropdown.
    • Company description short - [description_short]
    • Company description long - [description_long]
  4. (Optional) Add industry relevant text and images to the template. If you add on-point industry content, the template can look much more personalized than it actually is.
  5. Enable the template, so it can be used in the Quick Creator flow. You do this by clicking the "info" link to the left of the template, selecting at least one industry heading, and toggling the Quick Creator dropdown to "yes".


Extra tip: How can I format the Company description long [description_long] with for example line breaks?

You may have noticed that any line breaks you add under for example Company description long in Global Data does not appear on the website. 

However, you can still add line breaks and in fact some other formatting options by using HTML.

You can for example use <br> to create line breaks and <strong> to make text bold. 

See this example where two <br> create a new paragraph between each sentence and about us is bolded. 

<strong>About us</strong><br><br>

Our diverse portfolio encompasses residential spaces radiating comfort and luxury, as well as commercial environments fostering productivity and creativity. <br> <br>

Whether crafting sleek urban apartments or conceptualizing innovative workspaces, we are dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on the fabric of our cities. <br> <br>

Urban Elegance Studio goes beyond being a design firm; we are curators of lifestyles, shaping environments that transcend the ordinary and inspire a new era of urban elegance. <br> <br>

Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine and elevate contemporary living standards.

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