Overview of available integrations

You can set up the Editor to sync Global Data items with a number of listing and social media platforms. This means that you can "push" information from Global Data - for example your business address, opening hours, phone number, etc. - to these platforms whenever you publish your website.


Why enable integrations?

It's important for local businesses to have a strong online presence so customers can find them. Apart from having a website, this often involves making sure that the business is listed on various directories and on social media. However, this typically means that the business owner needs to update information in multiple databases. Using the Editor as your central "data hub", you only need to update your business information in one, central place (Global Data), and the information will automatically get pushed out to the relevant platform(s), saving you a considerable amount of time.


Overview of platforms that the Editor can be integrated with

The Editor can be synced with the following platforms:



Exactly what kind of data is synced?

It depends on which platform you're syncing the Editor with. For a full overview of which Global Data items get synced, see the articles below.

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