Understanding the generic Editor user roles

This article provides an overview of the generic user roles created by Mono and made available on your account.

  Want to change the generic Editor user roles?

Please note that the generic Editor user roles can't be edited as they are locked. Instead of editing the user roles you have the option of duplicating them, thereby creating a local role that you can customize any way you like. Read how to duplicate user roles here


On your account, you'll see the following generic Editor user roles:

  • Admin
  • Simple editing mode
  • One-click
  • One-click editable



The admin Editor user role is in a sense the master of all other roles. If you create a new user role from scratch, it will by default be based on the settings of the admin role.

Of all the generic user roles, the admin role is the most unrestricted. This role is therefore particularly relevant to apply to websites where you want the logged-in end user to have full access to all features and actions within the Editor.


Simple editing mode

The Simple editing mode user role is a basic editing role design to provide do-it-yourself users an easy editing experience. It is less comprehensive than the admin role and presents fewer and simpler design choices to the end user.

Any new websites created on your RAI account will by default be assigned the Simple editing mode user role, with the exception of One-Click Sites.

What are the editing options for the Simple editing more user role?

In this article you'll find a comprehensive comparison of the admin and Simple editing mode user roles, helping you understand how they differ.



The oneclick Editor user role is by default assigned to any One-Click Sites that you create but it can also be applied to websites on other subscriptions if you wish. The oneclick Editor user role is significantly limited as it doesn't give access for end users to any design options.

  One-Click Sites and user roles

If you have One-Click Sites with the subscription type one-click locked, you are not able to change the Editor user role as it is tied to that particular subscription. If you want more editing options in the Editor, please upgrade your subscription to one-click editable.


What are the editing options for the oneclick Editor user role?

  • Access to Global Data, SEO checker and 301 redirects 
  • Access to Customers and Integrations
  • Access to Settings 
  • Can preview and publish website


Oneclick editable 

The oneclick editable Editor user role is by default applied when you're upgrading a one-click locked subscription to a one-click editable subscription. The editing options for this Editor user role are the exact same as for the Admin role.

  Limit customer editing options

When upgrading to a oneclick editable subscription, the user role will automatically switch to "oneclick editable" which means that your end users will by default have access to all features of the Editor. You can easily change this by switching to a different user role.

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